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Wanda sex tip #504


When he drops his pants, squint your eyes and whisper ” Dinkleberg”

Wanda Sex Tip #507


Before she cums, pull out and yell ” And none for Gretchen Wieners, bye.” and walk out of the room


Don’t kiss boys with lip rings. They’ll taste like metal and danger and punk rock and you won’t ever want to stop. Just. Just don’t do it.

(via cassayeeeeee)

cassayeeeeee asked: Hey! I want to get my lip pierced too, have you gotten any good tips on how to convince your parents? If so, can you let me know? Thanks! Xx


Hello there ^-^, the best thing to do to convince parents for piercings is to break everything down for them! Tell them the pros/cons, cost, explain the healing process, etc c: research and reasoning is key! If they don’t say yes, go along with it and don’t get mad because it’ll show them that you’re much more mature than that, it’ll make them reconsider it o:
Good luck :)

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